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 Fresh Tracks (20s and 40s Group)

Fresh Tracks is a new 20’s – 40’s social group within LakeShore designed to attract and retain our younger members.
The Fresh Tracks concept is to create a unique set of social events where younger members and guests can connect with peers. It’s natural for us to build our strongest social connections with like-minded people at a similar place in life and that's what  Fresh Tracks provides.


In a survey of what kind of social events our Fresh Tracks members liked, Pinstripes bocce ball, Chicago river kayaking, and Navy Pier Beer Garden bands were the most preferred venues.  We will be promoting the Fresh Tracks kickoff and future events on our website,, EVITE, Facebook, and via other venues.


As Fresh Tracks activities are designed to be peer-networking events for younger membership recruitment and retention, registration is limited to only the 20’s – 40’s age group for Fresh Tracks events.  Be sure to tell your age-appropriate friends and family about this new social group and invite them to attend…the more, the better!